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As Real As It Gets

As real as it gets in the realm of hip-hop, eXquire is a Brooklyn-based emcee. Armed with a brash and rebellious personality, he has ben described by as a[...]

A Truly Titanic Tour

The 100-year anniversary of the Titanic is being celebrated with the re-release of the 1997 box-office smash film by James Cameron, a National Geographic video entitled Save the Ti[...]

Rock Ballerina

You see the tutu first. Then the legs. They’re kind of reminiscent of Tina Turner’s; long, solid, pretty. Of course she’s wearing heels. Dancing, gyrating, stomping, posing; showin[...]


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Introducing: HARBISON

Charles Elliott Harbison makes being the new kid on the block look effortless with the debut of his eponymous line of women’s luxury sportswear, HARBISON. He presented his collection (on dolls and dudes) as a gorgeous still life installation at c24 Gallery, just under the High Line in Chelsea, NYC. It was a perfect setting for a collection that subtly screams modern, luxurious, thoughtful, well crafted and new. Charles, a […]

Other Worldly Soulmates

Photographer Michelle Pedone makes her video directorial debut in her latest project “OtherWorldly SoulMates”. This video is the first glimpse of a new series Pedone is creating called “Black Pop.” “OtherWorldly SoulMates” parallels Pedone’s photography by pulling the viewer into her offbeat and whimsical worlds. Also akin to her still imagery, the video maintains her signature color palette and clean aesthetic sensibility. Pedone writes about her project: “Visually I wanted […]

Carnival 2013

Carnival in Trinidad is hot, sticky bodies reveling. Charged. Releasing the year’s tension. The bass reverberates through your soul and forces all to move in unison. It’s hard not to be swept away in the mass of revelers and even harder to not document the land’s biggest party. For those that weren’t able to attend please enjoy our view of Trinidad’s Carnival 2013.